The thought of creating an e-commerce can be overwhelming, but the challenge comes in the decision about the platform to use to create your site. There are two types of platform –pre-made e-commerce templates and the custom website, which you can use in creating an e-commerce site. There are different benefits that you can get from using either custom website approach or pre-made ones. Equally, there are associated negative effects of using any of these approaches.

The majority of people find it challenging to decide whether to use pre-made or custom templates in developing their e-commerce sites. We got you covered; in this article, we cover an in-depth analysis of the pre-made e-commerce templates and custom websites regarding their pros and cons.  It is always a difficult decision to make since both have different advantages and disadvantages.


The custom e-commerce templates stand when it comes to creating e-commerce sites for their uniqueness. With these types of design, you are assured of getting a website that has a unique style –you do not share your theme with anyone.

The other advantage of the custom way of developing websites is that you get the chance to tailor and customize your site according to your taste and preferences. This makes the entire process easy and simple since you do not have to worry on about a following a design that is already made.

On the other hand, the pre-made e-commerce templates are quite affordable despite the fact that the cost depends on the diversity of features that you want. Often, templates that come with many and versatile features are likely to be costly.

Additionally, these types of templates are reliable since they come with constant and regular updates and unwavering support. As such, you are assured of any help whenever you need it.


Designing a website from scratch and using the HTML, CSS and other languages can be quite expensive. Nevertheless, there are cheap and costly website development services though such disparities are brought about by the level of the site’s complexity. Also, it takes a long time to design an e-commerce from scratch. The reason for this is that it requires a lot of coding to have the site ready.

The pre-made e-commerce templates are not a better bargain regarding reliability. If you do not get reliable support and constant updates, you are likely to experience a lot of challenges in designing and managing your online store.

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